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Welcome to Casa de Schwartz, home of the my genealogy data. There are a lot of names here, divided into eight groups showing the most common surnames.

Schwartz to Boston MA

Max and Anna came around 1870 from Poland Russia, an area known as the "Pale"

Kadlecik to Fairfield CT

Velke Levare, a small village near Bratislava in Slovakia, served as the starting point in 1900

Baker to Concord MA

A very old english name. William Baker settled in Concord MA in 1660

Woods to Mercer County, PA

The Woods Family came from Northern Ireland in 1797, settling in Western Pennsylvania

Nicklos to Rochester NY

Ernst Nicholaus arrived in 1853 at Rochester with his wife and child from Saxony, Germany

Perkins to Ipswich MA

The Perkins Family lived in Hillmorton, England until they left for Boston in 1640

Geraci / Richards / Brown

Geraci from Sicily in 1900, Richards from Wales in 1850, Brown from Ireland in 1880

Volz / Clos / Holzhammer

Volz & Holzhammer from Germany in 1850,
Clos from Luxembourg in 1861