Welcome to Casa de Schwartz, a site dedicated to history. It started as a place to show off the family tree, but has grown slowly over the years. Not only has the database grown in its the number of related individuals, but I have written some detailed stories of these ancestors. Many involve the immediate family; others discuss more obscure people who caught my interest. Up next came DNA which offered a whole new level of promise and complexity. Then the Casa relocated to a neighborhood with a “historical district” designation with all those houses and their story to tell. Finally, who could forget our first foray into history with our book about vintage charm collecting?

Genealogy Database

The names of all the connected individuals (the relatives) are stored in a database that is organized by an online application called “The Next Generation of Genealogical Software” or TNG for short.

Will Books at the RGD


The Stories sections contained detailed discussion of an individual, family or a branch of the tree. Details can be a little overwhelming, but fear not. There are also a lot of pretty pictures for those who want to do a quick skim.


DNA has demonstrated great promise in extending the trees, but it has its limitations. There is a lot to learn. This is a series of articles about my journey in increasing my understanding of the results.

Naglee Park

Our neighborhood has a unique history in early San Jose. The Naglee Park Improvement Company sold lots with fairly strict restrictions (no corner grocery stores, no stables, must spend over $3000). The result created a upper middle haven for early San Jose denizens.


“Charms and Charm Bracelets, The Complete Guide” is still available on Amazon in case you want to buy a copy.