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Cyrus & Margaret (MacIntosh) Perkins

Cyrus Francis Perkins was the old son of James and Mary (Vansickle) Perkins, born in Yarmouth, Elgin County, Canada around 1853.  Sometime in the 1860’s, the family resettled in Petrolia, Lambton County. It is in Petrolia where his father went into the oil business.

Cyrus married Margaret Cecilia MacIntosh, oldest daughter of John and Mary (Goring) MacIntosh, on Nov 7, 1872. They had three children, all born in Petrolia:
Charles Cyrus Perkins , born 2 Apr 1873
Florence Mary Perkins, born 26 Feb 1875
George Eli Perkins, born 21 Jun 1881

Around 1883, the family moved to Galacia, located where Poland and Ukraine now exist. He started Perkins MacIntosh and Perkins with his brother Jacob Perkins and his brother in law George Clayfield MacIntosh. The company made equipment for the local oil business. The original factory was located in Stryj. Eventually, the company grew large enough that Cyrus was able to locate the headquarters in St. Albans, England.

The family was able to relocate to England, and they were able to avoid much of the distruction of WWI.