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Harry and Mary (Kadlecik) Schwartz

From “The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography”, 1955

SCHWARTZ, Harry Wolfe, manufacturer, was born in Boston, Mar. 26, 1899, to Maximillian and Ann (Bloom) Schwartz. His father was a native oF Germany who immigrated to Boston where he was a real estate dealer. After receiving his preliminary education at public schools in his native city, Harry W. Schwartz was graduated B.S. at Harvard University in 1922 and then attended the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration for a year. In 1923 he became associated with the Robertson Paper Box Co., Inc., Montville, Conn. After working in the plant to learn the business he became box factory superintendent in 1925 purchasing agent in 1930, assistant treasurer in 1932, a director in 1934, and a vice-president in 1940. He continued as executive vice-president in charge of production until the close of his live. The company was founded in 1863 when Carmichael M. Robertson purchased the Montville Paper Co., which was founded in 1851. Carmichael added other mills and in 1908 the C.M Robertson Co. was incorporated by this sons. It became the Robertson Paper Co. in 196 and in 1921 Ralph A. Powers purchased the business which became the Robertson Paper Box Co., Inc., in 1927. Schwartz’s chief contribution to the company and to the paper box manufacturing industry was a whole was the study of stripping operation in folding paper box plants which he headed. The results proved that stripping, a cutting process, was most practically effected by the use of air hammers employed by men rather then women. The study also showed the most efficient methods of layout, design, stacking, gluing, and other factors to improve paper box manufacturing. During his years of resident in New London, Conn., Schwartz took a leading role in community affairs. In 1947 he was appointed a trustee and member of the board of management at Lawrence and Memorial Associated Hospitals, which included Joseph Lawrence, Memorial and Manwaring Children’s hospitals. At his heath he was also treasurer of the Groton-New London Bridge Commission. During the first World War he was a member of the Student Army Training Corps and during the Second World War was chairman of the Emergency War Manpower Commission for the New London district. He was a life member of the American Legion and a member of the Folding Paper Box Association of America., National and Connecticut associations of purchasing agents, Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, Inc., the Masonic order, Harvard Alumni Association, New London Chamber of Commerce, and the New London County, Thames, Rotary and Thames Yacht clubs of New London. His religious affiliation was with Sr. James Eposcopal Church, New London. Politically he was a Republican. Golfing and fishing were his chief recreations. Schwartz was married in New York city, Nov. 29, 1930, to Mary, daughter of Martin Kadlecik, of Fairfield, Conn., a farmer, and had two children: Marlene and Norman Harry. His death occured in New London, May 17, 1950.