The John and Judith Perkins Family of England

The Perkins family has a lot of interest to me, and I managed to write a bunch of stories about them.

DNA Results
Autosomal DNA show results all the way back to Ely Perkins (1762-1825). 

Autosomal DNA Results for James & Mary (Vansickle) Perkins
Autosomal DNA Results for William & Harriet (Creelman) Perkins
Autosomal DNA Results for Ely & Sarah (DeWolf) Perkins
There are several great sources that exist that have made the job of tracing this family much easlier.

"The Descendants of Edward Perkins of New Haven, Conn." by Caroline Erickson Perkins, 1914

While we are not related to Edward Perkins, Caroline includes research into our line starting with Francis Perkins who settled in Nova Scotia